Catback Exhaust Using Mandrel “KITS”

I am sure most of you have heard of kteller… for some reason their website is loopy and I get no e-mail replies…. so I gave up, and bought a Megan Catback 2.5″, only problem with it is that the muffler is sooo angled up that my muffler shop can’t weld a magnaflow muffler on it…

there’s $330 down the tube, because I have no plans to keep an N1 style muffler on a daily driver

so this led me to go on a full on search
TRUBENDZ Technology Exhaust
also known as
Mandrel Exhaust Systems
I came across this store which offers different setups at different price brackets
$120.00 Aluminized Steel, 2.25 Inch
$120.00 Aluminized Steel, 2.5 Inch
$195.00 Aluminized Steel, 3 Inch
$195.00 304 Stainless Steel, 2.25 Inch
$195.00 304 Stainless Steel, 2.5 Inch
$270.00 304 Stainless Steel, 3 Inch

Shipping is also pretty cheap at around $20

Anyway, I will be in the market for one of these “exhaust kits” in a few days, just need to first sell this megan exhaust or sell some stuff on eBay

304SUS Tubing Kit $220
MagnaFlow Muffler 12216 (5″ x 8″ Oval 14″ Body 2.5″ C/C) $63.68
Magnaflow Resonator 10416 (14 BODY 2.5 C/C W/2.5) $47.90
Magnaflow Tip 35125 (2.25″ Inlet Expanded to 2.5″) $32.53
Magnaflow 45-Bend 10736 (2.5 I.D.) $16.23 (purchased in case it is needed)
Labor $100
Just over $400 fora 2.5″ exhaust

Finally got around to getting this installed… it was purchased for my 2door dc4… which I sold… and now have a 2000 DB8… see the beauty in this exhaust kit… you can install on either 2 or 4 door without having to worry about anything, without further chit chat here are a couple pics from earlier today

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