Civic foglight install

This write up is for installing 99-00 civic foglights on a 98+ integra. Want oem fitment and an almost hassle free install? Then stop reading and go buy some oem fogs. If you want a cheap alternative to the oem fogs but still want the look, then keep reading. The civic fogs are identical to the integra foglights. the only difference is the bracket that holds it. Ive been looking for these so called DIY ek fog threads and came up with nothing. Tired of waiting for someone to write one, i just bought them myself. This project is alot easier then i thought it would be. lets get started

Things you need:
99-00 civic foglights
dremel or something to cut metal
prower drill
drill bits
screw driver
something to cut the bumper with

1. first, we must remove the foglight from the bracket, so unscrew the aiming bolt and the 5 screws in the back. YOu should end up with something like this.
c0c856c2660e70eaa3dbb8eae0f83ffb  Civic foglight install
2bf3ca328b05dfab355236dcc10866bc  Civic foglight install
cdde142d7484dc4339f95333c3e63ad6  Civic foglight install
2bfa72b266a1644e28065da58c44edd0  Civic foglight install

2. take the bracket and cut the parts highlighted in the green. You will also have to drive a hole in the little metal piece that sticks out
73b8428382769c40cfc75be229f4e335  Civic foglight install

3. set the brackets aside, its time to cut the bumper. look at the picture below as a reference.
429bdf27197064d12ade6a365549db94  Civic foglight install

Cut out the middle while leaving the parts highlighted untouched. Also, do not cut the turn signal mounting points. Now take the bracket and stick it into the new opening you just made. Line up the small hole you previously drilled in the bracket with the one in the bumper. Now bolt them together. Let the other side of the bracket rest on the two big squares. The stock foglight mounting locations are no use to us since the bracket is too short. To compensate, you have to drill new holes for the bracket to connect. FInd a spot on each of the big squares that pass through the bumper and bracket and drill a hole. One on top, and one on bottom. while the brackets are up against the two big squares, mark where the two holes are. Remove the bracket from the bumper. Your bumper should look like this
82b7786ba050cf9c8bee3bab78a52b83  Civic foglight install

4. now drill two holes into the bracket where you marked it. Dont mind the connect foglight
9e5cc2235aae11d898d8f8209b6d9330  Civic foglight install

5. Lay down the brackets on some carboard and spray some flat black paint on them to prevent rust.
c637edf657c3c027c0b949040ebba417  Civic foglight install

6. Once dry, reconnect the foglight to the bracket and shove the whole assembly back onto the bumper. Secure the bracket with the 3 mounting spots.
32e71af9c89c2f3955d6f3e012a10988  Civic foglight install
39eaa035c7384de0059cfeea2a4a9748  Civic foglight install

just a warning, there is a very tight squeeze between the foglight bracket and the turn signal bracket
055d0f002ec16a742976f76b0aba2bdf  Civic foglight install
a493c9595bc04ece27395539a619b4bf  Civic foglight install

and we are done
915e178f9c8aa6c1fda5730e4aff8712  Civic foglight install
29badd5169ae11c454950c6ba70a7432  Civic foglight install
641f563a886e9f1d17a9d1fc3cc1c16f  Civic foglight install

This job will take you about a day; less if you have the right tools. For me, cutting the bumper was the hardest part. I hope you found this helpful

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