Clutch Pedal Adjustment

For Gen3 Integra’s

Tool required…
Metric open-end wrenches
Flashlight or droplight
12inch ruler

To have a properly adjusted clutch pedal, there are two parts that must be adjusted. These two parts are Pedal Height and Pedal Freeplay.

Checking Pedal Height…
Pedal Height is the distance the pedal sits from the floor. If this is not within a specific range, then it must be adjusted. To check this range place the end of a 12inch ruler on the floor board and place the side of the ruler flush against the side of the clutch pedal. If this distance is not exactly 6 1/2 inches your pedal height must be adjusted.

Checking Pedal Freeplay…
Pedal Freeplay is the distance you can move the clutch pedal before resistance is felt, also known as “pedal slack”. Using the same instructions as the Pedal Height check, note the pedal distance from the floor, press on the pedal till resistance is felt, then note the distance the pedal is from the floor now. This distance of freeplay should be 1/2inch to 3/4inch.

Adjusting Pedal Height…
To adjust the clutch pedal height, loosen the locknut on the clutch switch until it no longer touches the pedal. Then loosen the locknut on the clutch pushrod. Turn the pushrod to adjust pedal height then tighten the locknut. Turn the switch until it contacts the pedal arm, then turn it an additional 3/4 turn. Tighten the lock nut.

Adjusting Pedal Freeplay…
To adjust Pedal Freeplay, loosen the locknut on the clutch pushrod. Then back off the pushrod to adjust pedal freeplay to specified range. If necessary, adjust the starter/clutch interlock switch again.


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