flip key fob python alarm

Ok I know I said that the DIY will come like 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I got busy and had no access to a camera, but now I do so here it is.

Things you will need.

Python alarm remote shown on the first page and the Nisan flip key which I got from ebay link below. It takes about 3 weeks to get it.


Razor blade
Plastic Repair Epoxy
Plastic Cement glue
Hacksaw blade
Small philips screw driver
Drill bits- 5/16, 7/32, 3/32
Sand Paper 80-150 grit if you are painting with plasticote pictured above, otherwise you need 320 grit for primer and 400 for paint.
Here is the picture of the supplies

d052aa7931f25867a5d002973054090b  flip key fob python alarm

Ok here it goes.

First you need to take apart the Nissan keyfob and the Python key fob. For the Nissan key you just undo the screws on the back and for the Python you have to pry it open.

Once you get your key fobs apart you can start on either of the key fobs faces.

I would start with the Nissan personally. You will need to cut out the buttons using the top button as the reference meaning leave the top of the button alone and just trim all of the buttons toward the bottom like pictured below with the green line.

When removing the plastic off of the Nissan key fob, make sure to leave about a mm or two on the edges of the vertical green lines shown bellow so that your Python face does not slide through. The picture below also show the approximate size of the Python face being inside the Nissan face.

a8b5aaf3a06fc8fc48b43daccde2715d  flip key fob python alarm

You can now start on the Python face and trim it. In the pictures below the green lines show the approximate trimming you need to do. One thing to note is that when you trim the Python face you need to trim it so that its size is maximum size allowed to fit inside the Nissan face. The bottom picture shows the sides of the face that you need to shave down in order to fit it between the sides of the Nissan key fob.

38be9508f5f65d84eb7f105308fe27f7  flip key fob python alarm

a95d95bcec0b98d1ad349c5832049707  flip key fob python alarm

Once the two faces fit together, you need to glue them together using the plastic cement pictured in the supplies. While you let it dry you can work on the back. What you need to do there is trim the upper arc a little bellow the sides, you will probably need the circuit boar in the face and then fit it to see how much you need to trim. The foam round part that came with the Nissan key fob will need to be relocated bellow and the lower arc around the battery will need to be removed like shown in the picture below.

58e05d972dae28b1be3b9a32ca2dd3a2  flip key fob python alarm

Once the glue dries, you need to epoxy the front of the face. You will have something like shown below in green and you need to put plastic epoxy around the edges which is the red in the picture. Once the epoxy hardens a little, take a razor blade and start trimming the access epoxy around everything. Once the epoxy completely dries you need to sand it smooth with 150 or lower grit if using plasticote paint. Once that is done you need to open the hole for the led light. To do this take the 3/32 drill bit and drill straight through, then step up the other drill bits using your fingers and kind of round off the area so its kind of smooth and sand around it to make i even more smoother. Also the second picture is showing the final product with the epoxy sanded.

4ae501391de59362ab962e983eb64889  flip key fob python alarm

Once you are done with the retrofitting you are ready to paint it.

For the metal key just cut and trim it to the Nissan key spec and insert it. I dont know how this would work for the chip key people though.

Nissan key

e294f4040370d0ffd5a643e7fbd88630  flip key fob python alarm

040d77192f64a9dc623eb9db03eb385e  flip key fob python alarm

c5075a7095823a1a2a450a4e3cad876e  flip key fob python alarm

5beafbcf429ea807fbbbc47c3bf65c6b  flip key fob python alarm

1a8d53ad710c6f468b735b701f3c0e95  flip key fob python alarm

f90c1246e01787ffca2a0789c90552d8  flip key fob python alarm

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