G3 ball joint removal/install

‘m going to show you how to seperate, remove, and reinstall your lower ball joint on your integra.

Tools needed:

Jack and jack stands

10,12,14,17,19, and 32mm sockets

3/4, 1/2 ratchet

17, 19mm wrench

Impact driver

Needle nose pliers

rubber mallet

BFH (big *cough* hammer)

Pitman tool (Free rental at autozone: $25 deposit)

Ball joint press (Free rental at autozone: $105 deposit)

air ratchet (optional, but highly recommended)

Before we start I want to give some suggestions of things you should look at and replace while having everything off.

Check your brakes

Check your axle boots

Lets get started!

1. jack up your car (remember to loosen lugs before jacking)
21747e9f0a95f0f027a3e7bce55ba34c  G3 ball joint removal/install

2. Support your car with jack stands
1e88d2269973493a29a5e704ceb5c3e1  G3 ball joint removal/install

3. remove lug nuts and wheel
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1823d3590fadb11da76bb7a234e3bbc5  G3 ball joint removal/install

4. brake removal (for detailed brake removal instructions please check link that was shown above)
011023c78b039ca972616b2c1b900697  G3 ball joint removal/install

5. remove caliper (12 or 14mm socket)
52487addf6990101c2b7892e696322b6  G3 ball joint removal/install

6. Remove brake pads
e1d85e831a5efa8e84e4d4ee8d84925f  G3 ball joint removal/install

7. Remove brake bracket (17mm)
cc20f88d040f7a8c03cabd13b433ea4a  G3 ball joint removal/install

8. Remove axle nut. You don’t have to do this now, but I went ahead and did it with my air ratchet. If you don’t have an air ratchet then I recommend you do this before removing the brakes, and have some one press the brakes while you crank on it with a really big ratchet, and the 32mm socket.

Un-notch axle nut (safety notch)
bc0f8651d2169c0755e11a6992bbc627  G3 ball joint removal/install

Remove axle nut
994338209359d948bbfd815ad1a7e319  G3 ball joint removal/install

9. Remove rotor screws, and remove rotor. USE IMPACT DRIVER!!! A normal screwdriver will not work for this. You have been WARNED.

Tap the back of the impact driver with a hammer, and it will loosen the screws.
bbbc2cd089f8f81ffed82223aa87dd1f  G3 ball joint removal/install

10. Remove brake line bolts
e7ea5347cdef09bc578d63a4dcd5a4ba  G3 ball joint removal/install

11. remove 4 sensor bolts, and remove sensor and bracketing.

(near upper ball joint)

(Above axle, on back side of brake shield)
4baf47c7a86a6a1006f3ed0d3d95e79e  G3 ball joint removal/install

12. Brakes have been removed , now for the ball joints.
1a64905506518fad5757de51f7cb505e  G3 ball joint removal/install

I recommend seperating the tie rod first, then lower ball joint, and last upper ball joint. After seperating them don’t remove them from the knuckle until the last ball joint has been seperated! This will make it much easier on you.

13. Remove cotter pin, and lossen castle nut with 17mm socket from the tie rod (located on the left hand side on passenger side, and right hand side on driver side)
7f1bc80f35a7eb0a672cbfc9f2c8b404  G3 ball joint removal/install
0f5b899fccc25c8afab55e47d95ca526  G3 ball joint removal/install
7c81816b4b45bbe8c24d1340dff394e1  G3 ball joint removal/install

14. Seperate tie rod from knuckle using pitman tool and ratchet. Took me seconds to seperate! Highly recommend you use the pitman tool, and no other methods.

15. Remove cotter pin, and castle nut from lower ball joint (no pics of castle nut, and pin sorry). Then seperate lower ball joint with the pitman tool. Lower ball joint takes a lil bit of effort getting the pitman tool lined up, but its easy after that.
883e06c35b15963693febb06dd9af966  G3 ball joint removal/install

16. Last ball joint, the upper ball joint! Remove pin and castle nut with 17mm WRENCH! A socket will not fit with a large enough ratchet, so use the wrench and a rubber mallet or hammer.
633d867025cf86b893884175ae173364  G3 ball joint removal/install
05dd4ffcbf6b01062c5fa51613bbabc1  G3 ball joint removal/install

17. Seperate upper ball joint with pitman tool and 17mm WRENCH! Once again the socket and ratchet did not fit. The pitman tool might slip off a few times on the upper, but just go slow and it will pop off with ease.
7766b5cafda0ddc96c0e184442c41608  G3 ball joint removal/install

18. Remove knuckle from upper/lower control arm, and tie rod. You have everything seperated! Take a break if you havn’t done so
6feb1d60b1c565803a494c66aef5c220  G3 ball joint removal/install

This is also a good time to check your axle boots. Mine were torn very bad since my lower ball joint snapped while I was driving, and tore my boot really bad. Follow the article posted above if you have any cracks or gashes in your boot.

19. Check and remove safety ring. I used needle nose pliers to remove the boot, but I didn’t see any ring (my aftermarket ball joint came with a ring)
c3a0a14806af76d655d2b3c50cdc9fd4  G3 ball joint removal/install

20. Hammer out ball joint. The reason I didn’t press it out is b/c the press would not fit to remove the ball joint. So get the biggest fucken hammer you have and slam the hell out of it. The ball joint flew when I hammered it out. WARNING: dangerous projectiles.
bddb18358a06c2f9b2632bcdd1968241  G3 ball joint removal/install

21. This is to show you the ball joint press that I rented. It is super big, and weighs a ton. I highly recommend you use this tool!
6bd281d19586761bf85fde7a1c9dcde3  G3 ball joint removal/install

22. Put new ball joint in (no pics), and assemble your ball joint press the same as shown in pictures. I spent alot of time trying to figure out how this press would work with are tiny knuckles, and this was the only way. My press used a 19mm socket. I recommend using air tools for this, as my air tools even seemed to have a hard time at 140 psi.
56b842da739e751ce68a91ea2ac92a14  G3 ball joint removal/install

23. Once everything is in order you will press the ball joint in. If the press starts slipping than lossen it and re-align everything and tighten it again until the ball joint is fully pressed.
754aa8763193899947fb47f06c961f9e  G3 ball joint removal/install
a8d07d42e67318d85b409ddca86c6e4b  G3 ball joint removal/install

24. Install safety ring that is given with the ball joint. I used needle nose pliers, and a flat head screwdriver.
ffe9c62dac1113572c7d7b2968b47749  G3 ball joint removal/install
31633a28a95ef32de73e05c00a74a85a  G3 ball joint removal/install
be6e3c5fbfb7c357977046345f546e19  G3 ball joint removal/install

556bc735cc1faa80e612388aed05b267  G3 ball joint removal/install

26. Reality is yes you have to reinstall everything haha. Things I recommend when re-installing. Please buy your self a new axle nut. Mine was in horrible shape, and you wouldn’t want to ruin your threads on your axle (new axle cost alot more $$$$)! Remember to renotch it after installing it.
ffbc9e6250f13e01e4a1cc4c56c5a397  G3 ball joint removal/install
899268fe7bf253c979898aa3e227507a  G3 ball joint removal/install

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