Guide to Specialty tools

In addition to all of the normal tools necessary for you to successfully maintain and repair your Integra, there are quite a few tools not normally found in the average DIYer¡¦s toolbox, that are not only very helpful, but sometimes downright essential.

We’ll start with the basic stuff and work our way up.

Oil filter Wrenches – Face it, sometimes you screw that damn thing on just a bit too tight, and your grandfathers band-style wrench just won¡¦t cut it. What you need is either the Honda cup-style wrench (part # 07AAA-PLCA100)

Or, a good quality spring loaded universal wrench like this one:

Another great thing to have when it comes time to replace the coolant in your car is this handy spill-free funnel system from Matco Tools.

It comes with an attatchment that allows you to connect it directly to the filler neck on your radiator, it is large enough to hold some extra coolant to allow successful bleeding of air from the system, and a plunge/ stopper so that you do not make a mess when you finish.

On to the brakes. Sure, you can use a C-clamp to compress the front calipers and a big screwdriver for the rears when you change your brake pads, but why screw around. Work smarter, not harder with a brake tool kit like this one from Chain-Auto tools

After the new pads, you still need to bleed out the old fluid and air bubbles, but what if there¡¦s no one around to pump and hold the pedal for you? Well, for less than $40 you could go to EastwoodCo.
And pick up a one man bleeder pump.

Not only will it save time on brake jobs, but also works for clutch systems as well.

A ball joint separator can be very useful for suspension work:

Sometimes, the most expensive part of keeping your Teg running right is diagnosing those pesky Check Engine, ABS, and SRS lights. Don¡¦t pay your local dealer exorbitant amounts of money just to tell you what¡¦s wrong. Use the troubleshooting guides in the ARTICLES SECTION here on TeamIntegra and diagnose the problems yourself.

You can buy this diagnostic jumper tool from your local dealer and use it for reading CEL, ABS, and SRS codes.

For you OBDII folks out there, invest in an OBDII code scanner to narrow it down even further.

There are many different models available from Levine Auto Parts

When you have determined that your problem boils down to a faulty sensor of some sort, you will need the correct sensor socket to remove and replace it.

This set from Grainger will do them all and then some.

Every so often you may need to delve a bit further into the mechanical workings of your engine to ensure that you keep it healthy. The two main things that require specialty tools are valve lash adjustments and timing belt changes. You guessed it; they make tools that make those jobs easier as well.

Snap-onsells a great tool for doing [B}valve-lash adjustments.

And don¡¦t forget feeler gauges.

Ever tried to remove the crank pulley without one of these:

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