Ignition switch cleaning


There has been many people that have been having problems with there ignition switch going out.

Problems to look for
speedo went to zero immediately.
The starter motor would work just fine and get the motor up to about 1500 rpm quickly, but as soon as you released the start detente, the motor would just die. you tried to restart numerous times always with the same result.
The Wipers, mirrors, windows, ventilation fan, power roof and indicator lights also would not work.
Horn, Headlights and instrument lights did work.
Car starts at the 3rd point but shuts off when you let go.
Car will start but dies at random and takes a long time to start back up.

Tools needed
Fine sandpaper
Clear silicone
4 small flat head drivers
and patience

The first thing you need to do is to take the 2 bolts off so you can get to the switch.
Now i cleaned my switch in side the car but taking it out will be way faster.
c7ff207b8840634cc2cea788e5e6ed95  Ignition switch cleaning

Now that you have it out,slowly on clip the tabs. Try not to snap them. Put the small flat heads in each clip.
816f0ea36af83593712e9656c3e071a1  Ignition switch cleaning

After you have it apart,look out because there are 4 springs in side with little sliders.This is what it looks like apart
25f05ae3a9729768195ac9d7b805ab5e  Ignition switch cleaning
8b207d667978730d4e746fa8ddef813a  Ignition switch cleaning

Now take off the first slide and springs.And the other one.
9b7a45e70e5ed9d3a1b940eb74230e3e  Ignition switch cleaning
909675b6d13b37c04496e761c65e6865  Ignition switch cleaning

Now there are humps on the tabs that make the connection when you turn the key.See how black they are? With a light sand paper,clean them off.
c57baae2d3ce78a3d5fbe2ac96faf017  Ignition switch cleaning
c29515b52b91c8f5989ee06109454db1  Ignition switch cleaning

Now you need to clean the other half of the switch.You can see what im talking about.
b7c433be6589d003e172fe723ad02017  Ignition switch cleaning
Now to put it back together. The springs are all the same size so just put them in there spot. P.S i slightly stretched mine just a tad to be safe. Start with putting the spring in and after put the big slider in and then the small one. They only go in 1 way.
Now with the cap,i put just a small amount of silicone on the in side to keep gunk and moister out.
Add up the tabs to there spot and slowly snap it together.
25f05ae3a9729768195ac9d7b805ab5e  Ignition switch cleaning
816f0ea36af83593712e9656c3e071a1  Ignition switch cleaning

And that’s it.
c7ff207b8840634cc2cea788e5e6ed95  Ignition switch cleaning

Hope this will help you guys out.

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