LS Spark Plug Cover

Materials Needed:
- 6″ x 18″ Aluminum Sheet Metal ($6 from Home Depot)
- Hack Saw ($7 from Home Depot)
- Sharpie
- Ruler
- Patience

Just scale and  print this template out and use it.

a8bb6f0413922323e8efbf68207bd443  LS Spark Plug Cover

Just incase the template doesnt work:

Cover Measurements: 2.5″ x 16.5″
Places to drill hole to attach to the VC:
- 1cm from the top edge and 1.25″ from the side edge
- 21.25cm from the top edge and 1.25″ from the side edge

Attaching it: Be Creative, i made a L bracket thats screwed into the two nuts of the VC thats in the spark plug groove. And then i have two nuts that come up and hold the cover in place

Its not pictured as my camera died before i could take those pics. I’ll update this later with how i mounted mine.

^^Those pics show the cover NOT attached but a mock up. I will post new pics up once my camera is up.

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