Manual Steering rack *Free*

Hey guys! Yesterday I decided to take on the project of removing my power steering and doing the loop method. Everywhere I read that you needed to purchase som new fitting to create the loop. I searched for a while but could not find the fittings so I decided to create my own method using stock parts. Here is the process:

1. Drain the resevoir

2. Unbolt the Power Steering pump and the brackets holding the lines on.

3. Remove all fluid lines down to the valve housing and it should look like the following picture.

4. Cut the metal piping that you removed from one side of the valve housing right after the fitting that screwed in. This fitting is shown here with the arrow pointing to it.

9d41abdf72b1bce3b6cd2c6b7dadf570  Manual Steering rack *Free*

5. Slide the fitting off because we will reuse this.

d90ce156ca2026020fbb826b42bf39fd  Manual Steering rack *Free*

6. Find a straight piece of the metal tubing (I used one from my AC system that I had removed) and cut it out. It only needs to be about 2-3 inches long.

7. Using a flaring tool, flare one end of the metal tubing out.

8. Slide the fitting that is shown in step 4 over the newly created line.

6310824899515e332e02909831669777  Manual Steering rack *Free*

9. Once the fitting is on, flare the other end of the tube.

388048c6310177f7f2afe4dd64c2fb69  Manual Steering rack *Free*

7fa040c1f1250a953fa918b2bcdec73f  Manual Steering rack *Free*

10. Screw this back onto the valve housing.

11. Now turn the steering wheel back and forth multiple times to force most of the fluid out of the system. There only needs to be a little inside to keep the rack and pinion lubed up.

12. Now take the u-shaped rubber pipe shown here, that was removed off of the resevoir. It is shown in the circle and will only be on b18C1 engines.

5cb01e7986cd501601bd252195101c3b  Manual Steering rack *Free*

13. We will reuse this piping to connect the valve housing back to itself.

14. Push the longer side onto the existing pipe on the valve housing and the shorter side onto our created line.

15. Tighten down both clamps and you are done.

I have had it on for a day now and no leaks.

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