Auto to Manual LookaLike DIY (Razo RA89)

Instructions for installing Razo RA89 Manual Look-a-Like Automatic Shift Knob.

Parts I Used:
- Razo RA89 Automatic Shift Knob ($61 shipped off eBay)(eBay Seller: CarBeyondStore)
- “JDM Type R Replica” Suede Boot w/ Red Stitching ($12 shipped off eBay)(eBay Seller: CosmoDynamic)
Drive an auto? Hate how it looks? Well stop hearing your friends tell you that your a “ricer” [...]

Catback Exhaust Using Mandrel “KITS”

I am sure most of you have heard of kteller… for some reason their website is loopy and I get no e-mail replies…. so I gave up, and bought a Megan Catback 2.5″, only problem with it is that the muffler is sooo angled up that my muffler shop can’t weld a magnaflow muffler on [...]

Manual Steering rack *Free*

Hey guys! Yesterday I decided to take on the project of removing my power steering and doing the loop method. Everywhere I read that you needed to purchase som new fitting to create the loop. I searched for a while but could not find the fittings so I decided to create my own method using [...]

Amber Climate Control (the right way)

So ive been reading all these DIY’s about converting to amber by using sharpies and vinyl etc…
so i thought i would post my own, doing it how honda does it
First you need to go to honda and order some bulbs, honda part # 79609-S02-A11 from a 99-00 civic si

you dont use the actual bulbs, just [...]