Ramps for Lowered cars for under $40

First of all I want to say I didn’t invent this idea, but its something a friend showed me and it got me curious. I was helping a friend part out his car and since his stock suspension was on the car we were able to get it up on a set of ramps instead of using jackstands. The ramps we used looked something like these (pic for reference).

Needless to say it felt a lot safer to climb on top and work under a car for ~7 hours while it was on a set of ramps (instead of being held up by jackstands). I can’t remember the last time I used a set of these on my car because my car has been lowered for a few years, but I was wondering if any of you guys out there ever made your own ramps out of wood. Before you say “wtf?” take a look at these pics.

Its made out of 2″x10″ wood stacked on top of each other and what you end up with is a stepped, solid, ramp. If you’re wondering how much wood is needed this should give you an idea.

Each ramp is made of:

1: 2ft. long piece of wood, on top of
1: 3 1/2 ft. long piece of wood, on top of
1: 5ft. long piece of wood, on top of
1: 6 1/2ft. long piece of wood.

For a total of 17 feet of wood in all, for each ramp. Now these measurements are for a set of ramps for a mustang or other longer american car, but since our cars are much more compact I think we could get away with significantly shorter measurements and save a few piece of wood. The best part of these ramps is that you can just drive right onto them for working on you car instead of jacking your whole front end up and putting it on jackstands (which takes me 15-20 minutes since I dont have a low profile jack). I think this is a good idea if you have the room to store these things and they could make for a much quicker oil change, or header/cat work, or anything else that would require you to jack the car up. I personally work on a lot of cars and so I’m seriously thinking of building a set of these because it is RARE that I can actually use my metal ramps.

So, what do you guys think?

And for an even crazier idea (Which I personally wouldn’t trust lol) are these full car lifts made out of wood.

565c6766507dc2b1f41b5bd86750a5f9  Ramps for Lowered cars for under $40

ramp13  Ramps for Lowered cars for under $40

8445508a208ec698d689238391454cde  Ramps for Lowered cars for under $40

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