Replace Alternator or belt

Alternator and belt replacement on a G3 integra

If you only need to replace the belt only do steps 1-4

1. First things first, disconnect both battery terminals from the battery.
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Jack the car up and put jack stands under the car. Next remove the splash guard from the car. There are (4) 10mm bolts on the front and 2 nylon nuts on the passenger side and 3 on the driver side. This makes it a lot easier to work.

2. Next reach down through and disconnect the green connector from the alternator. There is a small clip, press it in and pull out.

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3. Next, remove the rubber protector cap from the power wire to the alternator. Use a 10mm socket and remove the nut and the wire slide off.

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4. There is a nut on the top bracket for the alternator remove the nut with a 12mm socket or wrench and the bolt slide out the back. That’s it on the top side for the alternator.

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5. Next, remove the lug nuts from the driver’s side tire with a 19mm socket. Remove the tire and set aside. Locate the tab on the axle nut. Use a pinch to smack the tab out. Once you do that use a 32mm impact gun with socket to remove the nut. This nut is the biggest pain in the entire project.

6. Next, remove the cotter pin on the castle nut on the bottom ball joint. Use a 17mm socket to remove the castle nut.

Now take a 14mm wrench and socket and remove the bolt holding the lower fork to the knuckle. With a rubber mallet hit the knuckle up to disconnect it from the lower ball joint and the fork from the knuckle. Now pull the knuckle out away from the car and the axle should slide out.

7. Now for the intermediate shaft. There are 3 bolts on the intermediate shaft. 1 on the right and 1 lower left and 1 upper left. Use a 14mm socket to remove those. Once those bolts are out the shaft should slide out of the tranny. Be careful tranny fluid will probably be flowing out. Slide the assembly down through the lower fork and out. Now you have room to work on the alternator.

8. There is a bolt on the bottom of the alternator. Use 14mm socket on the nut and the bolt will slide out the back. The belt will slide off and the alternator will turn sideways and slide down through where the axle and shaft were.

9. To reinstall just do the reverse. Put the lower bolt in the snug it, then slide the alternator up and snug the nut and bolt on top. Push the alternator forward as much as you can, slide the belt on and use something to pry the alternator towards the firewall and tighten the top nut and then the bottom. There you go Finished.

PS remember if you change 1 belt which happens to be an inner belt on the crank pulley you must take off all belt before the inner belts.

belt go from inner to outer:


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