S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

Ok so im impatient to get an EG seat pan like eveyone else. So i took apart my GSR seat to see if the DC2 parts would work.
They do but you need to MODIFY the seat a little.

This is what I was using in my GSR. its great but tedious for a daily driver. Plus JDM S2k is so cool

e78a0aa1543db30146ce5214a03b84c9  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

You will need:
17mm socket
14mm socket
12mm socket
Needlenose Pliers
Philips Screwdriver (+)

Take the brackets off the S2k Seat and your DC2 seats.

The lever thing that reclines your seat is a two piece thing on the S2k. While the DC2 is sort of one piece and the bracket bolts to teh bottom. Just leave it on for the DC2.

You also need to remove the reclining control bracket. For driver side it is the lefthand side bracket. both the DC2 and the S2K has it bolted to the seat back on the side.

you will need to peel back the seat cover. at the bottom of the seat back (if the seat was in the normal upright position) the seat cover comes together with a sort of plastic clip system. its a pain the ass. you may need to use a screwdriver. (-) head.   The S2k seat has a metal ring that you will need to remove.

54458a23f80b86783a1ed2a240e97540  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

49ddbb9a9b96141f28c88ac4217d7fbe  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

Now you will need to cut the foam on the DC2 seat to get to the bolts. The S2K you just need to pull the seat cover/leather up a bit to get to the upper bolt.

Remove both bolts from S2k and DC2 seat back.

8e6e3b123c448a51f6be7920480daf2a  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

Here is a comparison of the DC2 bracket and S2K

Also after lookig at the S2K seat brackets, they sit flush and flat to the ground compared to ours that sit at an angle and down.

57bf7bd4620aecf2bffda98d053a10bf  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

Now onto the seat bottom of the S2k and the DC2. start to remove the metal rings that holds the seat cover on the seat bottom.

30685c799198825bca0b3038e2266ea7  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

there are 13 total. 4 on each side. three on the front and two in the back.

once you remove the melta rings pull the metal pan out. careful it has some sharp edges

here is a comparison. DC2 on the left and S2K on the right also look at the S2K seat pan. there is a metal support on the side, you are sort of looking right down ontop of it. It is suppsoed to slip into the side bolster and keep it from collapsing when you slide in and out.

0b4de75e2dbfc457b80003533b99171d  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

NO EG and DC2 Seat pans are NOT the same

Now you need to remove the metal springs from the DC2 seat pan.
eaea493004e2da31c10713c9a4e009eb  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

now put the DC2 seat pan into the S2k seat bottom and use small zipties to re tie the seat cover back on.
aa83aaba336b1b565149eff638d0a69d  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

Also watchout that the side mounting holes for the brackets are not covered by the seat cover.

Put everything back together and put it in your car.

4240836804e16cbc456cd1143f8f1c75  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

And here is a closeup of the JDM S2K seat inserts. they are an alcantara type cloth.

a875d583b9b269bc1068e3983d570863  S2K seat with DC2 seat pan

This was a test to see if DC2 seat parts work or not and they do. Now I will get EG seat parts and put my DC2 seat back together. Then I will have the metal supports fabricated and welded on cause im worried about the seat bolsters.

and for a bit of trivia. The S2K seat pan and sliders/brackets are lighter than DC2 parts. by using DC2 parts you gain three more lbs. each item: seat pan, L bracket and R bracket are all 1 pound lighter than the DC2 versions.

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