Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

Sound deadening material.
eDead v1SE, the sound deadening material I choose, is a butyl acoustic mat composed of rubber with a thin layer of aluminum on top. It is a very similar to dynamat but at a much more affordable price ($1.60/sqft + 20% discount coupon). eDead v1SE is 60mils thick and weighs approximately .5lbs per square foot. I ordered 100sqft, so I added roughly 50lbs of weight to the vehicle. That may sound bad but it really isn’t. All the weight is evenly distributed throughout the car and at a very low center of gravity. That means the extra weight will have less of a negative affect on the car (handling-wise) as apposed to the weight being in all one location. Another cool thing about doing this project is that it will help insulate the car from outside temperatures as well as improve sound quality of the car stereo system, which is kinda nice.

To do a clean job, you have to take your time and be patient. The interior of the car is full of bumps, dips, humps, and angles. You have to make sure the material doesn’t fold over and stick to its self as well as capture air bubbles underneath. In doing so, the work becomes tedious and backbreaking. You’re constantly hunched over applying pressure with either your hands, a small wallpaper roller, or the back of a screwdriver. FYI, this material is peel and stick unlike dynamat.

In some places I choose not to use eDead, but some expansion foam instead. Both rear quarter panels I foamed the crap outta them. That stuff is messy so if you choose to use it make sure you wear gloves otherwise the crap will stick to your hands for days.

So, how’s the final project sound? Great! It’s so nice to actually be able to hold a conversation inside the car without having to shout or being able to listen to music down low without having it drawn out by the exhaust/road. Here’s the pics.

e7c82734e0194191baa904ed6605b14a  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

775ebe1214c3cb36e9f99c06ba1d456a  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
6af16efe825ad35d5019568d0529ee88  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
89102807e6159f3ac77e3f86882ff85e  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
3b5876f11eab2e497304ffa46b4ccc4c  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
b13429e3b3e0ca42cb2975b6a028bd94  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
9cba0f0103e5d8824bd69217cd63d947  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

As you can see, just about every square inch of the interior is covered. I have the motto, “If you’re going to go, GO BIG!” so I did just that. :)

7c4f8841d893f7803ffb19354cd8c962  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
1308bed38866c51b7a4ac3d24240aa7e  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
a8464ea3fc7fdae9d4e5a4ea1e1ec52a  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se
c6b4316a5080a53e2049818a71531425  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

All I have to say is that it pays to have a brother who does carpet cleaning. He was kind enough to buzz through my interior before I put it all back together. Such a nice brother! :)

I ordered another 30sq-ft of eDead v1se to do the doors.

I did both doors but I only took pictures of the passenger side.

128ca75dae800a614ea70a52f7d68be6  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

115ba73c123fc225de3375698b72534b  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

I even put a layer on the inside of the door shell

09240b66e5d0670737b3851acf6753a2  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

While I was at it I installed some new speakers. Alpine Type-R Componet speakers. They sound very nice and clean.

I followed Z’s article on fitting deeper than stock speakers into the doors. Instead of using a wood spacer, I used cardboard. That’s right, cardboard reinforced with duct tape. You might think it is ghetto (and it kinda is) but it gets the job done. Five layers of cardboard with duct tape around it, it’s freakin’ solid.

9b26c8f0a75669d103a10e6c74617519  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

92f416dbf70e0e65049d1356a54f63fb  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

e0332b8163a699c1d6d32e8ee74cdbc5  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

All done.
c208e95c56a50d28536d6a0c8ff9bba4  Sound Deadening /w eDead v1se

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