Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide

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-Dremel (metal nibblers from Radioshack will work also)
-Metal cutting blades
-Masking Tape
-Thin cardboard for Stencil for Sidemarker hole (as shown or your own)
-Wire Crimpers
-Sidemarker Harness (14-16guage wire)
-Wire connectors
-Shrink wrap (electrical tape)
-Safety Glasses
-Dry Erase Marker
-Ruler with mm or any measuring tool
-Primer or Clear sealer (protect from Rust)
-About 2 hours to spend with your Integra

Step 1:
You will need to make some sort of stencil for your sidemarkers. I have taken the measurements from mine and drawn them up(as seen below) or you could measure for yourself.
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Heres my stencil
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Step 2:
Now we will start masking off the area where we will begin cutting. You want to make the top of the side marker hole about 18mm below the body line…

So i would suggest, as I did, measure 18mm from the top of your cardboard and start your stencil there, that way you can use the top of the stencil as your guide for the body line. (Be sure that the stencil is made so the clip toward the rear of the car.)
Place first piece of masking tape here…

Then copy the stencil onto the fender with a dry erase marker to mask off the rest of the area. like so…

(My looks a little different from the measurements above because i wasnt sure exactly where cut for the clip.)
Repeat on opposite side of car.

Step 3:
Once both side of the car are masked, its time to Measure Measure and Measure some more to make sure that all the dimensions in the tape border are correct. Now we can start cutting away. Start by cutting a square then start on the clip area, occasionally making sure that it isnt to big.Once it goes in stop cutting…Make sure your wearing your safety glasses!
9a6509807233ff4f948ab58728b173b3  Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide
5cf3a43eb1380491be32643944066cdd  Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide


Step 5:
Now that the hole has been cut to size and the sidemarker fits snug, lightly file down the edges. Then cover the rest of the fender and door area to prepare for paint. Once the paint has dried you can remove all tape and check out the finished hole…

Step 6:
Next we will begin wiring the lights. Jack the car up and remove the fender well. Get your harness and plug it into the side marker, running the rest of the wire up to the front of the car. Remove the bumper lights and cut the GREEN and BLACK wires(Sidemarker will only flash with turn signal as the JDM ones only flash) as shown below. Using the connectors, splice into the factory wires and connect the wiring harness, test, then shrink wrap.
abe463e974e124f1bb7b5091f6bb13ba  Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide
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0db716dc05020aae14e7fe85baaa3ac1  Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide
6159c50762475c0c04907a12a3b30654  Stanley Sidemarker Install Guide

Now you can replace your bumper lights, Put the Sidemarkers in and step back and enjoy.

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