Heated Seats

First you will need to unzip the zippers on the left and right of the back of the seat.
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Now you will need to unclip the plastic piece at the bottom that the cover for the back of the seat is held to. You basically want to get access so you can get behind the seat cover so you can slip the heating element in. You will need to pull the plastic clip through to the front of the seat.
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Now that you have access behind the seat cover, you will need to put the heating element in. I bought a heating pad from wal-mart for $12. You will need to cut the plastic off of the pad so that you are left with this–>
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The pad I bought measured 12×14 inches and it needed a little trimming around the edges so that it fit properly. It was a bit tricky trying to get it in, but it just requires a little patience. You also want to smooth the seat out so that it looks clean.
Rout the power cable down through the seat so it comes out next to the clips that you took apart previously. I took the easy route and bought an inverter that plugs into the 12v power in the back of the center console. You could hardwire it, but I could not find an inline dc to ac inverter that was small. It is also worth mentioning that my heating pad runs at 50 watts. The inverter I used runs at 80. I didn’t want to use one that consumed more power than necessary.
You could make this little DIY as basic or as complex as you want to. I couldn’t figure out a easy way of putting a heating element in the bottom seat, or else I would have. It is tied into the foam at the seam in the middle. I know this write up is broad, so if you have any questions I will answer them as quick as I can. The seats feel great and you cant feel the pad on your back when it is not on. The seat is still very comfortable. The total cost of this project was $30 including the inverter.

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