Hid Installation

I also included how I installed these with out using X clips. No modification needed. I just used what I got in the package.

Opening the box
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I ordered 3 sets. I only installed the H1’s 6000k’s though.
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Inside the box you get 3 boxes, 1 with the bulbs, 2 each with a ballast.
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Here they are all laid out.
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Each bulb has the 2 plug in play wires coming through with the bulb wires, and we need to remove those wires from the rubber plug, because they need to be plugged in after the stopper.
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The fastest and easiest way to do that is to CAREFULLY pull the wires out of the rubber plug. Do this one at a time and be gentle not to pull the wire spades off.
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Here you can see the red coming from the hole.
26d3284d0b7df0c417766e6b38e8edd3  Hid Installation

ease that wire out.
99105a0475c7fac6bcce309989696be2  Hid Installation

Here is the final product after pulling them out.
783911676e600cf977888c6fbd6acc79  Hid Installation

This is where I installed the Ballasts. Right under the Headlights, but on the frame of the front end. Mounted with the double sided pad it came with.
10faf3ec5a98fa813faed9f264f3a785  Hid Installation

This is the plug and play part, where you plug in those wires that were in the rubber plug, and put them in the corresponding sockets where the lights normally plug in. *** after I did this, I went back and ran another cable for the Ground wires and extended them to the near by Chassis Grounds, for better grounding and to elimate ground loops from the ballasts, that seemed to help out alot, I recommend it ***
0fd1ffa68d48efbbe0165b34ebcbbc36  Hid Installation

Here I am showing what the color bulb (6000k) looks like compared to the stock coloring
d9784fe5258d5b3fdc50a6df6f1a57a1  Hid Installation

And here are the blurry night shots
bcc39c7cf944852efa7170fb826fddba  Hid Installation
cac9ec0a924dc42493530869cfaa48a7  Hid Installation
2c566a175104cc089b8f2fc41bee41f5  Hid Installation

Just the new HID’s
6997db3a49983eb3f73dcdffd923e499  Hid Installation

HID’s and Brights on at same time.
329f9225ccdf05d826aa326c44db7a9d  Hid Installation

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