Valve Cover Painting

go 2 crappy tire and get paint remover 1 can make shure its 4 metal and automotive paint most of them are

a5d16a31a283ce4d3803ee26e6e53774  Valve Cover Painting

and some latex gloves

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put the valve cover on some old wood or some carbboard box

just so u dont get this crap allover somethin nice

and then spray an even cote allover the thing from all angles and in all the holes and crevices

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i waited about 10 mins and 2 my suprise it was done i thaught it would take longer

put the gloves and and get a scaper

i like this 1 because it has all the nice angles on it 4 the holes

75fa963a0f67283fa9d2202b33d6b4f8  Valve Cover Painting

then scrape it off u dont need 2 push very hard at all it just falls off

once u have it all off then u may notice some tiny little bits that dident quite make it off so i did a 2nd cote just 2 be totaly shure and the 2nd time i got an old toothbrus and rubed at the black specks that were left and now its paint free

c2a94f1d68e3a8b19de9f6654a5c261f  Valve Cover Painting

then i got a wire brush wheel and started 2 kinda polish the surface up allittle

the discolouration in the aluminun is from the weather and water geting through the origonal paint

3f1e8ad60709642323d18d7e77ea7914  Valve Cover Painting

ce2542c6b0adfea1a8709d45f08888d5  Valve Cover Painting

it made it somewhat shiny very easy

now paint it whatever color you want

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