Broken Wheel Stud Repair

New Parts Needed:

- Studs (Might as well buy all 4 new ones)
- New Spindle Nut
- Wheel Bearing (Optional)
- Wheel Bearing Grease

Tools Required:

- Torque Wrench
- Hub Puller (Slide Hammer)
- 32mm (1-1/4) Socket
- Philips Screwdriver
- Zip Ties
- 17mm Socket
- Lug Wrench
- Sledge-Hammer
- Piece of Wood
- Jack & Jack Stands
- Flathead Screwdriver

*I didn’t take many pictures at first because I wasn’t going to do a write up, but then I did. So some pictures are after it was finished, but used for reference before the job. I hope that made sense, lol. *

Step 1: Loosen the lug nuts a little then jack the car up and place it on the jack stands.

Step 2: Finish removing the lug nuts and remove you wheel and tire.

Step 3: Remove the 2 bolts that are holding the brake caliper, you will need a 17mm socket.
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Step 4: A hose attached to the caliper is in your way. I zip tied the caliper to keep it out of the way and keep the hose intake.
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Step 5: Remove the disk plate, 2 screws hold it in place.
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Step 6: Remove Shield (Optional), but it helps. 3 screws hold it in place.
96c2854c0905228784f586926348a635  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 7: Remove the old spindle nut. You need to replace this part, it cost me $3 from my local Acura dealer. You may need to use your torque wrench. You get more control that way. The nut requires a 32mm or 1-1/4 socket. I have included a picture of the old one vs. the new one I got from the dealer.
827664da00541aaafa567647a3f8231e  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
66592a4b7bda72d1778dca128af3942d  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
89fda672d223e0ce26072fb5d243615b  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 8: Use the hub puller (slide hammer to remove the hub). I rented the puller from AutoZone. It cost me $86 to rent the tool, but when I return it they give you all money back. The puller has 3 claws that hold the hub, you slide the hammer back and use that force to remove the hub. It may take you a like 30 pulls. Don’t rush it, stay as horizontal as you can. You will avoid damaging your wheel bearing if you do it right and have some patience. After removal inspect your wheel bearing. If damaged you should replace it. AutoZone sells them new for around $47.
228f7ec52062b8f554f2734f204cd34f  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 9: Here is what the hub looks like after you remove it.
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477eda289c033cda066903f82bec82e9  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
d49dc8cba7dfc0c641ad97bd275382ec  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 10: Use your sledge-hammer and the piece of wood to hammer out the broken stud. I choose to remove all the old studs and replace them with all new ones. With all the work you are doing you might as well replace them all. I bought my wheel studs from AutoZone for $2 each.
6689a4bbe4177318c204531c9e09234e  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
b4117c582c82e4799fa8e486458bd8af  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
3590d9309d1c369a4d97b04fc0eaf2d0  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 11: Now you need to get your new studs on the hub. They are a little harder to put on then to hammer out. If you have a vise use it to hold your hub and hammer in the new studs, you can also use an impact hammer, or take it to a shop to be pressed it. I took my hub and 4 new studs to my local Les Schwab and they pressed them on for me for free. Here is what it looks like.
6f7fd55dd44438bf886d84dc15fdc831  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
b3a35b260ebb20778b487f4092d11a77  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
cb1f572aa7db9509946de4ef4bf899c9  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 12: use high-temp wheel bearing grease and lube up your hub. It’s going to need a new coat, it will also help with the re-install of your hub. Hammer in your hub back onto the knuckle of the car. I didn’t replace my wheel bearing because I didn’t damage mine. Either way be careful when re-installing the hub as not to damage your new or current wheel bearing.

Step 13: When you have enough tread on the driveshaft showing, start screwing in your new spindle nut. If it slips off you need to hammer in your hub some more. Take your time, you may strip your new nut or even the drive shaft tread if you are careless.
30693c9f35743ffb7de8e81116071c9e  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 14: When you have on the nut going a little starting using your 32mm or 1-1/4 socket and torque wrench and tighten up the nut. You will need to set your wrench to 134 ft lbs of torque. Once you hear the click stop. Use your hammer and a large flat head screw driver to make a dent from your spindle nut into a wedge that is on the driveshaft end. This prevents the nut from coming off.
dbd37f413a518324592c11486462da22  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
91eddfc49841a3c3a99205b747a4ca86  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

Step 15: After that re-install everything else back on to your car and enjoy your hard work.
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a2fe90b7066b3b12513b0b86d6478865  Broken Wheel Stud Repair
4b63490a0ba62b0e104c45013381c1f7  Broken Wheel Stud Repair

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