Energy Suspension motor mount install

The following tools and materials u’ll need for this installation:

Jacker, Jackers stand
Honda Steering Fluid
Extension pipe (for socket)
Socket wrench
10mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19 mm sockets
Phillip screw driver
Energy Suspension kits
Silicon Lubication spray can
Hayne manual book (you have to know wat u are doin before u actually doin it)

Here is the idea of those things u’ll need.

Jack up ur car and remove tires on both side.

Remove the rubber thing that is under the car. use 10mm and phillip screw driver to remove that rubber thing.

On passenger side, remove the red bolts and loosen the blue bolts. Use the beaker pole with 17mm socket.

Use 19mm socket with beaker bar to remove that bolt of the torque mount.

Remove those two bolts. use 14mm socket with extension pole and beaker bar.

Take out that torque mount.

Insert new polyurethane energy suspension on it, but spray w/ silicon lubrication first to avoid squeakin sound when drive, then wrap them up as shown in pic.

Now put it back and do everything reverse, however, you have to use that picker tool to pull down the wrapper thing, so u can fully tight that 19mm bolt.

On the driver side, the way you remove the bolts of torque mount is the same way you did on the passenger side, but removin that torque mount of the driver side is very different than how u would remove on the passenger side. So pay attention cuz u’ll need a honda power steering fluid for that reason.

Here is the pic of the torque mount of driver side:

After u remove the bolts, u can’t really slide out that torque mount cuz it was block by that lil wall as shown in the pic.

So the way to slide out the torque mount is to unscrew the top motor mount so the motor would kinda fall down and allow you to slide that torque mount.

So first, place the oil catch pan under where the power steering fluid resevior is.

Here are the two places that u’ll need to remove those bolts. U’ll eed to use 14mm socket, extension bar, and socket wrench to remove those three bolts.

Now u’ll need to unplug the power steering hose. so use 10mm socket wrench to remove those two bolts. Be careful cuz as soon as u remove it, the power steering fluid will start to come out and possible spray at u. It doesn’t spray at me, but when i drop the motor down in order to remove that torque mount, it start to leak so that why you need the oil catch pan to gather those power steering fluid.

Now, lower the car to it angle. The motor should drop. But, if u can’t get the motor to drop, u’ll need to use a hammer to lightly pound those two bolts, so the motor will start to drop. dont pound too hard. I use the hammer because i dont want to waste my time and hopin that it’ll drop itself. I lower the car first cuz i dont want it to fall down that high cuz who knows.

As u can see in the pic, the motor drop, so u can easily slide that torque mount out of it.

Same way as you insert the new energy suspension on that torque mount. Remember, lubricate it with silicon to prevent from squeakin sound.

Now put it back to where it’s belong. Remember use the picker tool to pull the wrapper so the 19mm bolt can tighten up really well.

Now that u already have the motor drop, u can’t really push them up haha. So u have to use two jack stand on the front to hold the car. use the jacker to push up the motor as shown in the pic, then screw the bolts back on the top motor mount and the power steering hose. Fill more honda power steering fluid to it max.

Now that u have the motor back in place, screw back two 17 mm bolts of the torque mount.

You’re done. Now u have to put the rubber thing back on the car.

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