Fix Sticking Locks

So guys, do you have sticking locks on your G3 Integra?

Does your door make the ‘machine gun” sound when trying to unlock it?


In this article, I will show you how to fix this annoyance in less than 20 minutes.

Tools/Supplies Required:
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Silicon Spray/Spray Lubricant

Time Required:
10-20 Minutes (Depending on how many doors you fix)

1 out of 5

First you need to remove your door panels. If you don’t know how, there are articles on this site to guide you.

Second, locate the two rods that come from your lock and door handle and move towards the rear inside of the door. The lock rod is the one that sticks. It sticks to the two plastic “hooks” (shown below) which hold it close to the door and back in the door where the actual lock mechanism is. You need to clean the rod and lube it up with your choice of lubricant. Also you need to spray some lube back on the linkages of the mechanism.

“Clips” which hold the rods to the door (red boxes) and the mechanism, which is behind the door (red arrow):

b1977e68235aa9bc4a027ebcefb49eb5  Fix Sticking Locks

The actual locking mechanism (Lube the areas surrounded in red):

201711fbf114af99b57e332287ead053  Fix Sticking Locks

Once you have cleaned and lubed everything up, put it all back together and enjoy your smooth working locks!



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