Gear Shift Rod Replacement

I am in the process of doing an Auto to 5speed swap.
In locating the tranny I need I was offered a fair deal on a used JDM gsr tranny but it came with one small problem.
The gear shift rod was broken at the end.
I apologize for the blurry pic they get better later on.

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If this is should happen to you or you recieve a swap with this part broken, don’t worry its an easy fix. I’ll try my best to show you just how easy it is.
Im not a certified mechanic, I am merely a shade tree mechanic at best. If I can do it and you posses even a little bit of mechanical know-how you can do it to.

Most importantly Its best to have a manual handy just to go over what exactly you are going to be taking apart.

Watch this

In that video it points out that you need to remove the reverse gear assembly.

DO NOT remove that. It has nothing to do with what we are doing here so just skip that.
You can can stop at the 5min. 12sec. mark after that you do not need to remove anything else.
You only need to remove the shift piece shaft and interlock and the change holder assembly.

b5347f3933e7f89888c4c99552258594  Gear Shift Rod Replacement

After those parts are removed you will see two 12mm bolts holding the Gear Shift Rod in place.

78ea59e430e9fe341011c3a81b25ce58  Gear Shift Rod Replacement

When removing the gold bolt you will also find a spring and check ball. Do not loose those. To remove the check ball you can use a magnetic retrieval tool or a magnetic screw driver.

258e20514cf973ce9725de6d21bdba69  Gear Shift Rod Replacement

Now you need to remove the Gear shift arm

49066b92c136ef4d89c984613528fa6a  Gear Shift Rod Replacement

Just remove this bolt and slide the gear shift rod out but leave gear shift arm in place. Take note of how the old rod was in there as you will need to make sure everything is lined up. Put everything back together in the reverse order making sure to reinstall the check ball and spring before tightening down the gold bolt.

I hope this was of some help to anyone that has come across this.
This cost me less than $40 in parts and a couple hours of my time.
A local shop wanted to charge $85 an hour plus parts. I dont what the book says about how much a shop should charge for labor to replace this, but it was worth it to me.

I forgot to add that you should watch the third video on how to reinstall the shift piece shaft and interlock and the change holder assembly.
Starting at the 1min 30sec. mark.
The rest of the video will also show how to put the case back together.

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