HID with G3 underhood fuse box

I was doing my wiring works for my headlights, and as i read through forums and ask questions about my headlights, many suggested to put a fuse close to the battery, like, AS CLOSE AS, possible…

But i can’t really find a spot for an extra fuse THAT WOULD LOOK CLEAN… :( Then i saw my underhood fuse box with an empty slot, and that’s how this DIY begins.

This article apply to G3 Integra ONLY, you may or may not have extra slot in other generation Integras and RSX.

What you need:
- 14-16GA wires
- 14-16GA non-insulated female quick disconnects (or get the one with insulator, but just take the plastic away like i did)
- 30A fuse
- Solder and soldering iron
- 10mm hex wrench
- Screw driver +

Step 1
Open your hood, disconnect your battery, remove your battery and open your fuse box.

Step 2
Unscrew the positive and negative wire feeds in your fuse box.

The light pink 30A fuse is the empty slot i used for my HID.
6b58f18a7e255aa1cbf1f56f273eeb65  HID with G3 underhood fuse box

Step 3
Unbolt the 3 10mm bolts of your fuse box.

Step 4
Slowly turn over your fuse box and open the fuse box under cover. This will expose the 3 main harness connectors and all the wirings. Disconnect all 3 connectors, and you should be able to completely remove your fuse box.

Step 5
Take your female quick disconnect, with the 14-16GA female quick disconnect, it should be a tight fit into the pin. In fact, with my connectors, i need to use a small screw driver to open up the connector clips a little bit for it to fit nicely onto my pin.

After quadruple checking the pins and fuses with a volt meter, i finally found and confirmed that the fuse connects directly to this pin. Here is a shot of the overall view of the underhood fuse box.
aa0569af67115539d40d3986b9122d23  HID with G3 underhood fuse box

Here is a close up view of the pin that connects to your OEM main harness.
d1d0fb0a3c0c222b7afe3ec320c6d970  HID with G3 underhood fuse box

NOTE: Your harness should have a slot with no wires going to it.

Step 6
Once you’ve test fitted your female quick connect, and it fit nicely, tightly, but not overly tight, then you are good to solder the quick connect onto your wire.

Here is what it looks like after i hooked up the wires along with the main harnesses.
0f2f4b03b562ecf778aae590aec5f021  HID with G3 underhood fuse box

I had extra wires there because originally i planned to hook it up to my battery then add a fuse nearby. So that’s why i left half a feet of wire there just in case i need it.

Step 7
Put back everything together, 3 main harnesses, back cover, positive and negatives terminals in your fuse box, fuse box cover, then battery, then reconnect your battery. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING

Step 8
Turn on your car, and let it idle til warm up. Check the ballasts, and check your wire and fuse, make sure nothing is heating up or acting weird.

Turn on your headlight, it should work as intended if you wired your HID correctly. Let it idle 1 more minute, again, check all connection and all wirings.

Turn ALL of your accessories on, music, A/C, fan, flasher EVERYTHING. Inspect all wirings and make sure everything function properly, and nothing heat up. Let it idle for 10 minutes.

Call me paranoid but i don’t want my teg catch fire. :P So that’s why i pay extra careful to make sure nothing is acting funny.

Congratulation, you’ve successfully used your fuse box’s empty slot to get some direct power feed from your battery. Guess what? Everything look so OEMed!

To those of you who curious of my HIDs
50f28ec353f04bb9d4f326b317767732  HID with G3 underhood fuse box
97a7aec5f8ecfe0eb1dda32adfb05c61  HID with G3 underhood fuse box


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