Install G3 heated mirrors

well after seeing the heated mirror thread, i went ahead and performed some surgery.

i started off with the kimplex kit , bought at local motorcycle shop for 40 bucks

took both mirrors loose from car and proceeded to take apart, you’ll need to pop the mirror glass loose from the housing ( there should be three attaching points on power mirror units, use a flat screw driver and be careful)
d8babd19bf10868184fbe1386ba3d308  Install G3 heated mirrors

once loose place mirror glass in foil and bake at 250 for about 10 minutes
9c7222696992e3b8935b817197842ab4  Install G3 heated mirrors
6ebae049c46c9fba0b99aa66dfd7ba69  Install G3 heated mirrors
f2fd967f50f9a6cda23fba56eb971b9b  Install G3 heated mirrors

this will make the black backing softer and easier to remove, but there is also some grey gooey stuff in between ( use a butter knife and work it in between the glasss and backing – be careful and go slow you can break the glass, if you do so napa has replacements for under 30 bucks( i broke one)

294f7153f5f7ed8f7791cdbd60a385cc  Install G3 heated mirrors

once seperated drill hole in backing to allow wire to go through
fe1a04eeaf94996298cc7ab96f7a8aa8  Install G3 heated mirrors
place backing back in oven for 5-10 min to again soften it up, then while doing that peel back paper on warmer and stick it to back side of glass

71d6983fc307670a69755383118860d1  Install G3 heated mirrors
644255c6821196f7dc2775be07cd402a  Install G3 heated mirrors

once both glass and backing are readym send wire through hole and use some of the grey gooey stuff between the two to help hold it together( if using the replacement glass use the double side sticky foam tape instead , and no heating of the backing is required since the replacement is slightly smaller)

1bffd67c834d77a749179f74fa3f0cd3  Install G3 heated mirrors
c51f7f6491d3c9663893d692b48a0b82  Install G3 heated mirrors

okay now we have got to get the wire through the mirro assembly, first take the three screws out on the bottom side
0f1493c1957365a594df9bfe4f13eab9  Install G3 heated mirrors

then the rubber boot off
8177d54b14a67354bf4a98850a6c0b0e  Install G3 heated mirrors

then undo the two srews holding the plug on
7cc6d56e1e78a495d749344c648332a3  Install G3 heated mirrors

next route the wire through like this
0727ea4db3243c07e71d164f963ffd8d  Install G3 heated mirrors

once though snap in the glass assembly and remeber to leave a little slack for movement
then route the wires along the others
d895fd2c8473c9778f5f15db4066ec7a  Install G3 heated mirrors

then once though along side the plug , go ahead and put the three screws back in to hold the mirror together
once that is done, put the plug back into place and run the wires like this
f1aab87eeb9d1bc34aeda28d2fd8cd29  Install G3 heated mirrors

put your rubber back on
538ac26d2adf01ae396be5a9db495588  Install G3 heated mirrors

now install mirror back on car, you will have to remove door panels to run wires, i used male and female spade terminals to allow me to remove the mirrors,

you can run the wires though the factory boot, you will have remove the plug in between the door and door frame( it is a pain for big handed people, but use a curved pick and pull up on the plugs clip and it will pop out, once that is loos you can squeeze in the door side of the plug

once youhave both sides of the door plug in veiw they will come out enough to get a good look at, but take a 1/8 drill bit and drill three holes that will line up on both sides of the plug, this will allow you to run some 18 or 16 gauge wire though , please run three wires and ground the mirror to the car , not the door. once your wires are run through the boot , put the door back together and wire up to the switch provided, you can pull power from the fuse box on a circuit that is on with the key.

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