Stopping Thieves At The Hood

so a month ago or so my car got broken into and looking into it i found out exactly what they did. one person hit the unlock switch on my door and then the other popped my hood and cut the battery before they opened the car do to stop my alarm.

so far have done the lock/unlock bypass which took 30 minutes or so and is freakin AWSOME. and here the other thing i did to stop the thieves at the hood. took me about 20 minutes and the best thing is you only need to unscrew a few screws to make it all fit right.

What you need:
some sheet metal, sturdy but bendable 9″x5″
10 socket and ratchet…
straight edge.
sheet metal cutters!

ok here the picture showing basic engine bay and the screw you have to take off.

737d1b352e1c983800db3151935eadf5  Stopping Thieves At The Hood

and here is the latch where the hood is held down
0dd0f13df9ae78e6733ffd0c8584a860  Stopping Thieves At The Hood

so once u take all those out u take ur sheet metal and messure down the 9″ inch side, 4 inches, 1 inch, 4 inches (draw lines across). in those lines, you bend the sheet metal at a 90 degree angle, so ull have a U shape when ur done.

next you should be able to push the radiator back and slide the metal in and UNDER your hood cable. this will protect it from being accessed from the bottom
37acbf2e6c43e06bf5ef5eba2e41bd95  Stopping Thieves At The Hood
i put holes in the sheet metal that lined up with the latch screws and just moved the latch after i had taken the screws out and slide in the sheet metal between the chasis and the latch. like so!

e736f751004c035c392d53fb5d205cb4  Stopping Thieves At The Hood

then just bolt everything back up and ur cable will be safe!
please notice that i HAVE done the cable relocation, this should be done over the relocation if your worried about ur car being broken into at school and such, otherwise do the relocation first for home saftey

e97990598e2ed887f30087f2da129a36  Stopping Thieves At The Hood

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